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Whether you're an enthusiast looking to showcase or just too busy to care for your vehicle, we've got the service for you. Every client receives a FREE in person consultation to discuss your vehicle goals and expectations as well as allowing us to make recommendations based on our professional experience. We do not offer typical "packages" like most detail shops that end up making you pay for extra services that you don't necessarily need or didn't intend on getting at the time. Our services are all custom tailored to every clients individual needs. Contact us today to schedule your visit!


Available Services (Choose Any or All)Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Clean Wheels & Tires, Clean Wheel Wells, Clean Undercarriage, Clean Brake Calipers, Bug & Tar Removal, Paint Compounding, Polishing, Hand Waxing, Paint Sealants and more.

Available Services (Choose Any or All): Vacuum, Clean Upholstery, Clean Dashboard/Panels, Leather Cleaning & Conditioning, Steam Cleaning, Odor Removal, Clean Windows, Clean Headliner, Clean Door Jams and more.

Bring back old oxidized or foggy headlights back to like new condition again! Overall looks and light output improved after our restoration process.


Paint Correction takes polishing to the next level. This labor-intensive process can take anywhere from 10-20 hours depending on vehicle condition & results desired by removing all surface imperfections such as swirls, minor scratches, etching, water spots, etc. to improve paint clarity and shine to a like new condition. This service is for those that seek nothing but the highest quality paintwork as well as in preparation for ceramic paint coatings to be applied.


Ceramic Coatings are a long term paint protection product that go beyond typical paint sealants. These hand applied coatings are often referred to as an additional clear coat layer that dramatically reduce paint defects from occurring such as: paint swirls, acid rain, bird dropping etching, bug splatters, sun damage and more. It also acts as a self cleaning shield to repel every day dirt, grime and road film from sticking to your paint. Proper prep (paint correction) and maintenance is required for best results and longevity. Coatings are available with 1-year, 2-year or 5-year limited warranties.


Clear Film Protection or "Clear Bra" is a great way to protect certain panels or all panels of your vehicle from rocks, salt, insects and other road debris that could come in contact with your paint surfaces. We use high quality film from SunTek & Expel that are self-healing (scratch & crack resistant) and come in a high gloss finish. Suntek & Expel offer either a 5-year or 10-year limited warranty on their films.


Transform your car's appearance with a vehicle wrap! Customize certain panels or wrap your entire vehicle to get the look you want. We use only high quality wrap material from 3M (1080), Oracal & Avery Dennison. Available in high gloss or matte colors and also in carbon fiber pattern. Wraps are a great investment because they double as a protection film for your paint underneath as well as preserve your vehicles resale value by not having to re-paint it in order to customize your vehicle's exterior.


Window Tint does more than just improve style and appearance. It also protects you and your interior from harmful UV rays, heat and glare. Window tint is available in clear all the way down to deep smoke and all shades in between. We use Xpel tint backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Often overlooked, engine bay cleaning is also a great maintenance service to keep everything looking like new. Whether you show your car or it's a daily commuter we have the right products, degreasers and experience to remove built up dirt, oil, salt and other contaminants while being very cautious not to damage any electrical connections or sensitive parts.


Performance Plus Detailing offers unique amenities beyond those of your typical detailing facility.


If you own a performance race team with an extensive vehicle list or just a single personal race car, PPD offers pre and post track day cleaning services that can be custom tailored to your needs. This often involves washes (power washing available), brake dust removal, degreasing, protection coatings and more to keep your race cars looking their best both on and off the track!


Our used car service typically applies to car dealerships that need used cars cleaned and prepped before putting them put up for sale on their lot. However, our lease turn in service is available to both commercial or personal lessees where vehicles need to be returned to the dealership in an acceptable condition for resale.  This typically includes full details inside and out along with minor scratch repairs. In either case, PPD offers a solution for you!


For those that own specialty vehicles such as classics, exotics, show cars, etc. that are only driven in nice weather or on the weekends and require winter storage here in the Northeast, PPD can accommodate those needs as well. Our secure facility is fully insured for your vehicle's safety and peace of mind. Space is limited though so we highly recommend contacting us in advance (typically around fall time) to check availability and to lock in your spot!

Contact us today for FREE estimate or to set up your appointment!

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